Monday, 7 December 2009

New (Old) Photograph

I've been away, hence no blog posts lately, and have been staying with Mum and Dad in Milton Keynes.
Whilst there, Dad got out some of his photo albums to look through and out fell an old photo of me as a student at Oxford. I can't remember the photo actually being taken, but when Dad gave it to me to bring home, I decided it just had to be scrapped!
I wanted to use the UK Scrappers Sketch from their Challenge this week as it has just one photo, so I had a go with this layout.
I printed X-ray skeletons onto a piece of printable cotton canvas that I had. It's the first time I have ever used canvas and it was very easy to use. Then I used a piece of K&Company paper as background - quite appropriate as it is chalk writing on a blackboard and that was how I was taught. The other papers and journaling spots are My Minds Eye - Ooh La La collection. In addition I used cork to give the illusion of a notice board and 'pinned' items onto it with brads.

I wanted the layout to be quite 3D so I used 3D foam tape and overlayed different items to make it layered. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out as I don't usually scrap one photo on a page, and it was a challenge I really enjoyed doing.
So, how did I choose Radiography as a career? I think Fate played a part in it.
When I was twelve I was knocked down crossing a busy road and my ankle was broken. I was taken to hospital and an enduring memory I had thereafter was of the Radiographer (not that I knew what her title was then) taking x-rays of me to show the fracture. It was only when I had to make a career choice and I definitely did not want to go to University like most of my classmates, that I discovered Radiography. I read all about it and applied to two Schools of Radiography to train. I was accepted by Oxford and started training in 1977. When I did my practical training at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury, who should be there but the very Radiographer who x-rayed me after my accident!
I am in my 30th year of working as a Radiographer, and although it's a stressful job that I now have, I can honestly say there is no other career I would rather have had all these years.


  1. Great so pleased that your career has been so fulfilling for you. I've had a number of reasons to meet radiographers in my life - every last one of them was a gentle and understanding person; particularly when there was in no doubt of your positives!

  2. Hi, I followed you through from UKS. Lovely LO and with a great story to go with it.

  3. I agree that it was a wonderful career was just a shame that leaving it for 12 years, to be a Mum, meant it was almost imposible to return to it... the career I thought I would have had for life wasn't to be. I still have such wonderful memories ...sad ....stressful ... and funny.
    Loved the LO ...that skeleton was an inspired idea.

  4. Like Julia, I have also had to meet several radiographers over my life and have always found what they do really interesting. A really rewarding job I am certain. Lucky you. My heart goes out to workers for the NHS now though and have to say I'm really glad to be out from the nursing side of it. I consider myself truly blessed to have found yet another job that I love doing and love the new challenges every day brings me now.
    A x

  5. Fabulous page! I enjoyed the story that went with it too. Imagine meeting the same's funny like that. I love it.



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