Wednesday, 18 November 2009


You know by now that this is not a 'Wednesday Workdesk' but a weekend one. I don't think it matters. It's what's on it that interests you, I'm sure!
I've given you a bird's eye view of a few cards I was making at the weekend and the associated craft essentials - two craft mats (why have one when you can have two?), paper guillotine, corner-rounders, scissors, clear stamping block, embossing powders, a can of gold glitter spray..... and a partridge in a pear tree.... Sorry, got carried away there!
Some of these items have absolutely nothing to do with the cards but were still on my table from the previous project I had been working on. There's no sign here of the papers and ink I was using for the cards, because all the extra mess from my crafting session, which couldn't fit on the table, was on the sofa (and I'm not showing that disaster area!).

The papers and stickers (forming the flower centres) are from BasicGrey's Sugared collection and I also used Tim Holtz distress inks. I am a fan of both BasicGrey papers and Tim Holtz products, but they are not so Precious that I cannot use them. Julia was asking yesterday what we really, really didn't want to use from our crafting stash - my answer would be buttons and ribbons. I have loads of both, in every colour imaginable, but find it extremely difficult to use any and give them away to someone on a card. Isn't that silly? That's what they're there for after all!
Whoever receives one of these cards had better be aware of their Good Fortune in getting a piece of my ribbon stash on their card! And if it they eventually put it in the bin, I want my ribbon back ;)
Now there's an idea! Instead of  stamping on the back 'Handmade By' - I could have a stamp made for me which says 'When Finished With This Handcrafted Card - Return To Sender' - or even -  'Don't Bin Me, Recycle Me, Return To Sender'
Anyway, this rambling WOYWW post is all Julia's fault at Stamping Ground - she's a Really Nosy Lady who gets all of her followers to reveal our craft desks every Wednesday, just to see what we're up to! So join us and reveal your crafty messiness - or tidiness if that's you. Whatever!


  1. I think 2 craft mats is a jolly good thing. The whole theory makes sense to me! I've looked as hard as I can and have decided that the gliter spray must be for something on the Ann, when can we see the sofa?!!!
    Nosey of blogland. x

  2. I so love those cards .... so trendy looking.
    I agree with 'why have 1 when you can have 2'... I have two trimmers . One is for straight cuts and the other I leave set up with my fave squiggly edge lol The second was given as a pressy so I could bin my old one ......never while it still works.

  3. Hi, I'm a bit late checking out the WOYWW this week due to being a little off colour. Have only just snapped my photos :-) Your craft space looks very tidy today but love the results :-)
    A x

  4. Buttons and brads with me... getting better with paper. I actually gave away a card, a whole card of buttons in a swap I just finished because they reminded me of crystal and the swap was The Labyrinth - see what I did there? ;) But it was such a wrench as they were so beautiful and I had no more. Lost count of the times I took them out of the parcel, put them back, took them out again :D

    Laughed at the image of you standing over peoples dustbins reclaiming your ribbon!

  5. Those cards are totally cool ... if you have two mats ... you may as well get 5 more ... one for each day of the week make perfect sense to me too :0)

  6. Funny you should say that, I've started to try and use stuff, not save it for something special. It's so tough isn't it? And my parents give me back their cards I give them so I can pick bits off them!
    Love those papers and love DI's too. What did we do before we found those? xx

  7. ha ha "and a partridge iin a pair tree" indeed!! I see that you have a guillotine on your desk - would you recommend it? I have yet to find one that I actually like!



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