Saturday, 14 November 2009

Love Me, Love My Dog

Well the weather's been atrocious on the South Coast today, so what else could I do but get out my table and do some crafting? I'm glad I didn't have to travel anywhere today.
These photos are of the first Christmas after my husband and I got married (hence the sepia tones!) and I've been meaning to scrap them for a while. Remembering the main event of that Christmas Day, I decided to record it today on the layout. It was not a happy day for me and I ended up in tears. The journaling around the page tells the sorry tale:
All was going well. The guests had arrived: Mum, Dad and Great Aunt Hilda. It was the first time I had cooked Christmas lunch and wanted to impress everyone. I went into the kitchen to find King, Denis' dog, eating the chicken I had taken out of the oven, and the turkey gone too! So we had cold ham and all the trimmings!!
I used gold glitter spray and a masking technique for the date and also sprayed over the BasicGrey stickers which form the title.  I used a Papermania bauble stamp and gold ink to keep the 'gold theme' going. I'm afraid the photo doesn't really show how sparkly the layout is.
When I married my husband, I inherited his dog, King, too! Love me, love my dog, as they say. King was diagnosed with bowel cancer soon after that Christmas and it then became obvious why he had behaved the way he had when he had always been such a well-trained dog. Sadly, he was put to sleep the same day my husband was told the news. He was devastated because King had been his from a puppy and was over 12 years old. They had been inseparable.


  1. Thanks for dropping in on my blog. Love your meme. How big's the cupboard? Sounds cosy to me :-) A x

  2. Thanks for leaving me a message....what you need to do is to convince him the room you craft in IS a cupboard and just shut the door on that when you're done with crafting :-) A x



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