Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Cheating again as my photos were taken last Saturday when I had the time to do some crafting!

When I get my crafting table out at weekends I need to have an idea in my mind what I'm going to be making. Then I can gather together the right equipment from the cupboards and take it into the Lounge. This concentrates the mind very well. Why then do I spot things on the table that have nothing to do with what I'm making? It's a puzzle.
Anyway, this week for Julia's WOYWW there's my Cuttlebug and scoring board on the fold-away table. And a project I was part-way through on my cutting mat. There's some photos, old and new, and a tin containing tubes of acryllic paints - I needed the black paint for the project I was working on. See what I mean about getting stuff out that I don't actually need - why is there a spritzer bottle on the table? I have no idea!

My camera case is perched on the sofa and there's lots of papers and stuff on the sofa too. I'm not a tidy worker, and as I have to put it all away in the cupboards after a crafting session anyway, I don't feel I need to be. No-one sees the mess I make - except you crafty bloggers of course!


  1. Hey Ann, three quarters of my desk is stuff that I didn't get out - really! Back in the day when I didn't have the luxury of just walking away from everything till next time - I was no tidier! I thnk your method of working is damn near perfect!

  2. I hate the tidying up bit. I have to do it each time or little fingers get into everything but I am just not a naturally tidy person.

    Was this in the middle of your frame making? I do love the patterns you used :)

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments.
    Yes, Carmen, I had been making the first frame on the craft table. The embossing folders I used were all Cuttlebug ones, but anything would do just as well.

  4. Well I feel very privilaged to be able to look at your crafty stuff! You're using metal I see, I've just bought one sheet to have a play with but haven't used it yet. I love the look of it so may well be back to pick your brains at some point! xx

  5. yes I would imagine that only getting the table out on weekends really does concentrate the mind!! I have a dedicated desk and do find that I sometimes sit down amongst the toys and have absolutely no idea of what to do!!

  6. Oh, I love to see the mess other crafters make! I love the beachy look of your blog too. And thanks for visiting me..much appreciated!

  7. I used to have a craft desk that had to be put up and down and cleared away.
    It was great when the kids moved out last november and i could take over othe smaller bedroom, I love it.
    Not letting them come back ROFL



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