Sunday, 8 November 2009

What To Do On A Rainy Sunday?

At the risk of being boring, I've made two more metal-effect frames. As soon as Jenni saw the last one she requested I make one for her boyfriend's birthday. Having made one for her, I couldn't leave out Karen, now could I?
There's a photo Karen rescued from an old broken frame which has been on my pinboard for a while, waiting for Inspiration as to what to do with it. The photo's damaged due to her gluing it into the old frame when she was about 7 years old! But it's the only one we have to record her holding a falcon when they visited her primary school - now it has a new home to keep it a while longer.
That makes three parcels to post tomorrow!
The light today has been very bad for crafting due to it raining all day. I've given up early and the crafting table and it's contents are all stowed away in the cupboard for at least another week. (Of course I've already taken a sneaky photo for WOYWW in a few days' time!)
So, with idle hands I need something to do. Hmmm.
It's lucky I went to the Library yesterday - I think there's a good book calling me!


  1. I'd somehow missed the original post about these, just been and looked. Wow - they are really effective. Another thing to add to my list of things to try :D Thanks Ann.

  2. oops ..nearly forgot to leave a comment ... these frames are wonderful ...inspired even ...I think all your friends should get one for Christmas. I hate the winter days of little light ...they seem to have come early ...I now know what people mean about the light effecting their sight great it is to be getting older lol

  3. The frames are gorgeous! I've been toying with the idea of asking for some sort of machine with embossing capabilities for Christmas and am now convinced that I definitely need one :)

  4. I do like those frames Ann. I've just looked back at how yu made them, and you're just as crafty as you say I am, to make things like that!! :o) Well done! I haven't yet attempted things like that. Sound like you need a good strong crafting light beside your table when you're crafting!
    Thanks so much for your comment, and it does look just about good enough to eat! lol.
    Keep warm and dry.



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