Tuesday, 6 October 2009

School Folder Layout

I've used Karen's school photo on this layout and made the scrapbook page into a file/folder to keep her school reports and exam results in. Don't know about you but I'm completely hopeless at remembering which daughter got what grade in which subject! This way I hope to have a permanent record to help my failing memory.
I used two sheets of  Junkitz card to create the folder, cutting out a tabbed top to the front page. The folder opens up as shown below for me to place pages in or any other keepsake I come across to do with her schooldays. Infact, typing this, I've just remembered I have a couple of newspaper clippings with her on which could go in here!

To make the folder, score the front piece of card half an inch from the bottom and fold it under the back part of the folder when you secure it to the page so that it doesn't show.The front sheet needs a second scoreline at the bottom to allow space to put  items into the folder without it bulging too much.
I have to confess this is not a new layout for me. I have made it once before, for my own schooldays, and to keep some of my old school reports in for future generations to read.
Apparently I had 'an adult head on young shoulders' according to my primary school Headmaster, Mr Morgan!

Obviously, this is my school photo, but I won't tell you which child is me! When I did this layout a couple of years ago I tried to write in the handwriting I was taught (with pen and ink) at Primary School. I certainly haven't the patience to write like that these days! Too many curls and flourishes.
I used white ink on black paper to echo the chalk and blackboard method of teaching I had back then.
And I did remember long ago to write the date on the back of this photo, along with the names of all the pupils, but surprisingly, I can remember them all anyway. Strange that!


  1. Love the LO of your class and the white on black was inspired ...only thing is it makes me feel old.
    When you were enjoying the innocence of youth I was already 2 years into marriage and 2 years away from being a mum.!!!

    Love the records folder idea ...shame I dont still have either mine or the childrens reports ...I dont think they ever got press coverage either lol

  2. Love your school photo - all the girls smiling and all the boys pulling faces :D

    Your records folder would be perfect for the Fiskarettes comp that's running at the mo. The theme is back to school. Some good prizes but you only have a couple of days left to enter ;)

  3. Great great idea! Was doing to tell you about the Fiskaretes theme, but I see Carmen has alsready - go for it Ann!



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