Saturday, 31 October 2009

Do You Or Don't You?

Do you have places of interest nearby to where you live? Do you ever visit them? I'm guilty of not visiting places I would like to - I always seem to have something else to do - but it's a shame not to enjoy these special places whilst we can.
In Brighton there is the Royal Pavilion, the strangest historical building that I have ever visited! It's such a strange place that I have only been inside it twice despite living here now for over 15 years. What's strange about it? Well, everything!
On the outside it's a copy of Indian architecture, yet on the inside, it's completely decorated in a Chinese style. Very opulent and grand, but extremely....odd.

It was originally a farmhouse but was transformed into a grand palace for the Prince Regent to live in as he preferred living in Brighton to London. Inside, I can remember seeing the huge golden dragon suspended from the ceiling of the dining room, and the mock-bamboo iron staircases. As I said, very strange!
Within the grounds which are open to the public all year round there is a building I have visited much more frequently over the past 15 years. That is the Brighton Museum.

Currently they have an exhibition about the British Land Army Girls. My Mother was a Land Army girl after the war, so I spent a very interesting afternoon wandering around the exhibition. Afterwards, I promised myself that I would make more time to visit local places of interest .......... hmmm, we'll see!

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  1. The RP is an amazing building ...I used to love seeing it and have been inside for a tour. I agree about living near things and not visiting them. When I visited this area I would see as much as I could .... but now I live here I haven't visited many of them.

    By the way ...your little computing area is at least secluded lol computer is next to my bed.



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