Thursday, 15 October 2009

Denim Overkill And Computer Backup

Who likes the colour blue? We three I guess...and definitely denim overkill!
Here I am with my daughters at the Sand Sculptures in Brighton a few years ago. The exhibition was fantastic. If you've never been to such a display I can thoroughly recommend it! They are so lifelike.
People over 'Shozzy's Place' have been recalling the heart-breaking loss of their photos because they didn't back up their computers and, coincidentally, I was just doing my photo backup. I've just got a 'Clickfree' data storage device and it's been so easy, it works by itself, just plug it in! That's perfect for me as I'm not a 'techy' - I'm completely self-taught, and for someone who never had even one computer in her school, I get by. But ask me to do something 'technical' and I go to pieces!
I had forgotten what was on the computer and all the precious memories that could be lost! Including these photos from summer 2005. At least I think it was 2005 - another thing about photos is you MUST date them and I haven't!

Egyptian Theme for the Sculptures

and the occasional joke by the artists!

Finally....... you know where my Blogger photo comes from!


  1. Wow those sculptures are amazing.
    You look good in denim ...wish I had your figure.

  2. Hi Ann, No piccy this week for WOYWW? Love the sand sculptures - I saw one at Venice Beach, California some years ago , where they have street artists of various kinds. Love the one you've used for your blog :)
    Anne x

  3. Those sand sculptures are amazing, I'd love to see something like that up close. Fabulous piccies. And yes. Back up. Back up. Back up ;)

  4. This is great isn't it. We were lucky enough to catch an exhibition in ALicante a handful ofyears ago. Just fab. I'm a denim junkie. Love it. You 3 look great! As for the dates...yep, I've had a lesson in realising how much there is to forget!



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