Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Moving Was Over And Done

Two moves in one month... at last all the moving has been done and both daughters are in their new homes, even if they are a tiny bedsit and a University room!
For this layout I used Basic Grey papers from the 'Sugared' collection and a sheet of Anna Griffin paper with words on that has the same colour combination of green and red. I used watered down gold paint and wrote the title over it. The Library Card is a free download from twopeasinabucket - here's the link if you're interested -
Finally I added pegs and ribbons to represent  the masses of clothes we had to carry in the two recent moves. It's actually a layout for a challenge on Dreamgirls.
For Karen's move to Bournemouth we had to hire a van for her 27 boxes! When we got there we found she was on the top floor of the student house and had to carry them all up three flights of stairs. After the first four boxes I was worn out, and my husband carried most of them in while Karen and I started the unpacking. To be fair to Karen, four large boxes contained cooking utensils and 'essential food' that my husband insisted she had to take 'so she wouldn't go without!' There were also two boxes of cleaning stuff he insisted on taking, and did we need it! The room was filthy with a thick layer of grime over everything..... but with a bit of elbow grease it was soon clean enough for her to move in. She now tells us that the house is infested with cockroaches too! Even so, Karen is thoroughly enjoying herself and seems to be the only one in her house prepared to cook food from scratch. Don't know how long it will last once her course starts though!


  1. That is a brilliant LO the papers.

    COCKROACHES yuuuuuk. The land lord should get pest control,or they will just get worse. The previous tenents of the house probably left food etc when they moved out and while its been empty the roaches have had fun

  2. Great Lo, thanks for the link..Are you and Mr Ann OK? Real empty nesters must be very proud of the girls. As for the Cockroaches..eeuuww, wonder how long they'll have to put up with them?



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