Sunday, 27 September 2009

Beautiful Day and Climber Cat

I've just got back from a walk by the sea. Hubby and I took our lunch with us and ate it looking at all the sailboats and fishing boats there are out today. It's a beautiful day, lovely sunshine and very little wind, just enough to keep the sailboats moving. The beach was almost deserted as the tourists have all gone now and it's just the locals enjoying the weather.
I've been crafting this morning. Having to make every spare hour count now that the days are getting shorter. I have lots of photos to scrap but am struggling for inspiration at the moment. I'm also cutting back on craft purchases and don't have the excitement of opening a new parcel every now and then. Don't you find that something new can get the crafting ideas flowing?? Without new stash I'm finding it hard to know where to to force myself into the right frame of mind, I decided to enter the True Friend challenge this week which calls for photos of movement (or not) of your pet.
So here's Smokey discovering his first Christmas Tree (December 2007) and not being sure whether it was real or not!
I used K & Company Ivy Leaf paper, cream and orange cardstock, dotty ribbon, and a Making Memories rub-on alphabet to detail his thinking when he was 'investigating' the tree. He didn't get very far trying to climb our fake tree but he was very good outside with the real thing!


  1. Lovely layout - and what a beautiful cat! One of ours is an absolute fiend for climbing the tree and knocking all the baubles off the branches - then batting them under the furniture.

    Hope your daughters have settled in OK and are enjoying themselves at uni :)

  2. Smokey is so handsome and the LO works so well it.
    I know what you mean about new stash but I have not bought for ages due to lack of funds. I do have loads of stash though that I have bought over the years ...when I had money lol ... so I have a sort out of the drawers of papers that I have ignored due to having better things to use. Much of it seems new and I get inspiration. That happened with my last 4 LO's ...papers bought 2 years ago in a sale ...a few used and the rest forgotten.

  3. Smokey is a gorgeous boy! And I know well the sight of a tail in amongst the xmas tree branches and still finding baubles under the sofa months later! Beautiful page and thanks for playing along with the challenge!

  4. Just to say thanks for stopping by at my blog, and that I am impressed with your scrapbooking. I tried it for a while, but didn't produce anything as lovely as yours - the cat page is beautiful. I'll be back for a better look around!




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