Saturday, 15 August 2009

Talking Talent

Betty Grable

I am amazed at the artistic talent some lucky people have. It is such a gift. I'm jealous really as I cannot draw to save my life. I got Grade E in A Level Art, one step short of F for fail! The interest was there, but definitely not the talent.
My Dad can draw. It was his hobby when he was young. So much so that when he was a teenager, an artist who lived in the village saw him drawing and asked his parents if they would allow him to train as an artist, but they refused. He continued with his hobby and the drawing above was one he did when he was 20 years old, so that would be in 1943. He drew a whole series of film stars of the day, but sadly, those drawings are now falling to pieces. Last week Karen and I decided to photograph them so that they can 'live' a bit longer. We sent Dad copies and he wrote straight back saying we 'had made his day'. Bless.
My sister inherited his artistic bent and became an Art teacher. She taught secondary school pupils for over twenty years before she retired due to ill health. She has been known to paint on Church walls - no, not Graffiti! - she was asked to do a Noah's Ark mural.

Zachary Quinto drawing
On my side of the family, artistic talent skipped a generation (me), and it is Karen who shows arty tendencies. She likes to draw, and like her Grandfather before her, she draws current film personalities. She will even draw while watching TV. Here is one she's just finished.
Much to her disgust, I don't really know who he is or what  films he's been in! She's just told me he's in Heroes on TV. What do I know?! 

Brighton Seafront Sculpture
Talking talent, does anyone know which artist created this sculpture on Brighton seafront? I would like to know. My photo captured the old couple sitting next to it and I think it's a nice shot, seeing them and the 'kissing couples' together. The sculpture is made from a sheet of metal with holes drilled in it to let the light through. Very simple but very effective I think.


  1. The model is amazing and you're right it's nice having the old couple in the picture.

    My Mum was the same with sketching though she never believed she was good. My sister can create such lifelike drawings I just want to punch her. Every year we all ask her for a drawing for christmas and we never get one as she believes they 'aren't good enough for presents' *sigh* thoug she flabbergasted my partner by presenting him with a Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal sketch she 'just ran up.' (he's a huge fan) I love to sketch but am not on the same par and can't help but compare myself - it's so frustrating isn't it? Genes can be so cruel.

    Your Dad and daughter have amazing talent.

  2. Genes are cruel ...its music for us. Grand father ...talented Mother talented but shy Me ... could sing but not well enough to do much with it ... then nothing passed to kids ...maybe grand children might inherit as my hubby was very musical.

    As for sculpture ... looked it up ... 'Kiss Wall' by Bruce Williams.

  3. Thank you Carmen for your comment. I think the surprise Hannibal sketch shows that artists need to be inspired and that cannot be hurried. Perhaps you'll get a sketch from your sister next Christmas.
    Thank you so much Angie for finding out who the artist is. I can I feel a scrapbook page coming on ;)

  4. I stamp because I can't draw. Like you, I wish I could - Karen's art is incredible..although of course I don't know who he is either! Love the oic of the couple in relation to the sculpture - well spotted!

  5. And thanks foryour comment on my blog - late or not,you're welcome!!



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