Monday, 17 August 2009

Neat or Not?

I was reading Julia Dunnit's blog post the other day and it had me laughing out loud  She compares real life to the perfect lives we talk about or show photos of on our blogs.  Most of you are honest and show photos of the crafty mess you get into. There are some very candid shots for 'What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday'.  This photo of mine is less than perfect- it was taken in my computer room at 9.30pm with no natural light.
Julia's post got me thinking about the photos I show - and those I choose not to.
So, I'm going to ask you a question. How neat is the back of your scrapbook page?
I must admit that many of mine are not pretty. Some have holes cut into the paper (gusseting is the polite term or being frugal is the excuse I use), stamps tested out in different colours until I find the one I like, sticky tape holding ribbons in place or those unsightly brad legs sticking through! I've even gussetted pages before now, forgotten about it and got sticky tape showing through which then sticks to everything in sight! My remedy for that faux pas is to put strips of waste paper over the glue  - thus making the back even more unsightly!
My reasoning for accepting pages like this is that I put one page back-to-back with another in my albums, so it doesn't matter what the rear of each individual layout looks like. But.... there's always a but... find the odd page in its' clear plastic holder that hasn't yet got a partner behind it ... and anyone can see what you've done!
Also, I've just bought an acryllic 12x12 page holder to hang on my wall. The layouts can easily be slid in and out and changed whenever I like. This one purchase has made me look hard at the finish quality of my work which is now displayed for visitors to see.
As a salutary exercise, and in the interests of Truthful Blogging, I've looked through all my layouts and here is the worst backside example I could find. Sadly, it's the back of the layout shown at the top of the blog.

The less said the better!

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  1. Well you see Ann, I like you think the back is out of bounds to the viewer..but I also think that if the page above is your worst, you're doing well! The only time I've thought about it every step of the way was when I did a LO on acetate way back in May. I was ultra careful then! It's all gone a bit pear since then, but I rarely sew, so my backs are mostly just smudges and brads!



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