Monday, 31 August 2009

Hats and More Minibooks

I've been busy this morning as I knew the weather was going to be better this afternoon. Hopefully I'll have time for a walk later. I have made a couple of minibooks in my crafting session. All the photos are quite small so they fit well into a flip book made from one sheet of 12x12. 
Most of the people in the photos are dead now so the book is a record of who's who in the older members of my side of the family.
My husband's family do not have any old photos of previous generations. He is one of 5 children living with their parents in London's Islington district. He and his brother shared a bed, and his three sisters shared another. They certainly did not have any money spare for photographers. The family was moved out of London to Aylesbury which is where I met my husband, but that's another story.
I think black and white photos are so much clearer than colour. You can see every fine detail in the faces and clothing even though the images may be old. Personally, I think it's hard to scrap old photos. You need to be sympathetic to their content,  not be too modern in the choice of papers, make room for names (and stories if you know any!) and try to let the photos speak for themselves.

I just love the hats in old photos! Isn't it a shame we rarely wear hats now? Usually they're worn just for weddings these days, yet I think they are lovely at any time. Look at these 1930's hats. The ladies' Sunday Best I'm sure! Dad's written on the back of the photo 'Mr Watson School Master at Sunday Church Outing'. He can't remember the place, date, or the ladies' names, but I'm  guessing one is Mr Watson's wife.
I also made a small fold up minibook documenting Dad's working life. He worked in an Ironmonger's Shop from when he left school with the only break being when he was drafted into the RAF. At 18 he was made the manager, although he thought he was too young for the job! I remember going there as a young child and watching Dad serve petrol and paraffin to customers - he tells me the petrol was 1shilling (10p) a gallon in those days! He later moved from the shop in Woburn to the premises in Woburn Sands where he was manager for 33 years before retiring with ill-health. Both shops are still there today, but the Woburn store was taken over and now sells china. To keep both minibooks safe I made a slipcover to keep them in.
So now I hope there's time for a walk before tea, but I don't have a hat to wear for my Bank Holiday Promenade!


  1. Ahh, a promenade before tea. Wonderful, and frightfully British! Yep, with you on the hats. The photos are lovely, great way to keep them all together.

  2. You are so lucky to have photos of places ...I have a few and they really send you back in time. Love what you did with these ones.



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