Monday, 31 August 2009

Challenge Junkie With Time To Spare?

Chalk Cliffs, Peacehaven
I'm not one who enters every scrap challenge I come across. Rather, I use them when I'm short on ideas and need some inspiration to kick-start my layouts. Occasionally I might enter a challenge but it's a rare event.
Do you ever dream of being asked to contribute to a crafting website or a magazine? I do. But I am realistic enough to acknowledge that I work full-time and could never combine the two! Not only that, I have some huge cliffs to climb before I'm good enough!
I did win a runner up prize once with my entry for a card competition, and it was briefly shown on TV, which was an unexpected surprise. I have also had a couple of my card 'recipes' printed. Nothing
Crafting remains just my hobby. It keeps me sane. But if any of you are interested, there is an 'advert' for a designer to join Method Playground, a challenge website that I visit for prompts to get me started on a project
If you love challenges and have the time, why not go take a look? You could make your dream come true.

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  1. Have you enetered the design team call? You should do. Thank you for the link - it was a challenge blog I hadn't heard of before so will be having a play along in the future :)



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