Friday, 17 July 2009

Rainy Days and Thwarted Plans

I'm feeling bored.
The weather is awful for July, even for England! Thunder storms last night and windy and wet today!
If that wasn't enough to keep me indoors, my daughter's borrowed the memory card from my camera to take with her to Italy, so I have no way of taking any photos. And I had such plans for I've been meaning to do for ages.... like the garden walls along the coast that are eaten away by the salty air, and the Brighton buses with pictures of local residents on the sides, advertising slogans on the back, and names
on the front! Yes, Brighton buses have names!
All photos that I planned to use to inspire blog entries. Just not meant to be today. Sigh.
Can't seem to get into a creative mode either. I made a few cards this morning by stamping onto patterned paper, then using a stamp resist technique. But then what's the  point in telling you about it when I can't 'show you' with a photo?
I never quite realised how important photography was to me before today.
Roll on the next ten days when my daughter returns and I can get my memory card back! No, I won't mention the temperature's 32 degrees C where she is!
If you can't wait to see the Brighton Bus names (as it will be a while before I get to do my blog entry on them) here is the link:
The photo above was taken at Newhaven Harbour near where I live. I love the sea and all things nautical and have many shells and seashore-finds in the house. Lighthouse ornaments and cross-stitch pictures too.
I have (distant) sea views from the windows in my house so I'll go take a look.
That should cheer me up!

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