Monday, 20 July 2009

Easy Minibook

Recently I’ve been re-organising the pages in my scrapbooks and naming each book to make it easier to find specific pages. The inspiration came from reading 'The Big Picture' by Stacy Julian  a couple of years ago but it's taken me this long to get around to it! And having taken the time out to do that chore, I’ve discovered something interesting, well it’s interesting to me! I have only 3 pages out of six albums that have just one photo on the page.
I must admit, although I enjoy trying new techniques on my pages, and love playing with embellishments just like everyone else, I do like the photos to tell the story and usually keep any journaling to a minimum. As I scrapbook using only 12x12 pages, there’s plenty of space for multiple photos, and it seems, that’s what I do - scrap multiple photos on a page.
I have recently inherited some old photos of my sister and I when we were children in the 1960’s. These photos are very small, typically 3.5x 2.5 inches, and would be lost on a 12x12 page. It’s taken me a while to come up with a solution to the problem but this afternoon I made a mini book and a slipcase for it to live in, which I think does them justice.
I must apologise for the image quality of the minibook photos. As mentioned in my last post, my daughter has the memory card from my camera with her in Italy, so I had to find her Canon SLR and give that a try. I know serious photographers prefer an SLR if they can afford one, but all those buttons, I had trouble working them out!
By the way, I’m the child who appears on the front cover and without her shirt!
My supplies were very few: I used a sheet of red card, a sheet of black, one K&Co paper, a flower punch and black cord (saved from a gift I received).
It was a very quick and easy project, taking under two hours, and I enjoyed doing something other than my 'usual' scrapping format.

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