Monday, 3 January 2011

Matchbook Cards

What have I been up to today? I've made some matchbook-style cards. Nothing new, but if you've never made them before, I thought I'd show the very easy steps to making one. You can make them any size you like but mine start off as an A4 piece of card.

1.Take an A4 piece of base card and score and fold it down the centre to make an A5 card

2. Score 1.5cm in from each of the short edges

3. Cut off one of these edges

4. Fold the card in half along it's centre fold and fold up the remaining scored edge to enclose the front panel of the card

You now have a matchbook card to decorate.
I like to cut the A5 card in half to make two smaller cards like these;

And here's some I've decorated today 
mainly with Paper Adventures papers and stickers.......

standing up (above) and lying flat
with the fold-up bottom edge

Two more...

I hope you give them a try and have fun decorating them! 

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