Monday, 24 August 2009

Anyone For Lace?

Karen's self-portraits yet again! She has done rather a lot of them over the past two years.
I'll let you into a secret .... I do not own any lace templates.... but here it is on this layout I did back in 2007. How did I do it? Did I painstakingly draw all the lines and cut them with a knife? No way!.....I haven't the patience. When I was doing this layout I had just discovered a cheat's technique in a library book for doing lace cards. Unfortunately I cannot remember the title of the book, but it inspired me try the technique as decoration on this page. At the time, I also had a paper-tearing ruler which I used with the burgundy cardstock. And a heart punch added the final embellishments.
So, how to cheat at lace? Basically, I took the patterned paper I wanted to use and folded it lengthwise (it has to be paper as cardstock shows the crease too much when unfolded). Then I used the paper template (below) which folded over the patterned paper, and cut through all the layers along the lines already drawn for me. I moved the paper template down once to make the pattern twice the length, and cut through the lines again. To finish, I removed the template, laid the patterned paper flat and folded the chevrons alternately, one backwards, one forwards.
So, if you want to try the technique, I've drawn the template below (which may need to be enlarged if you copy it from here). Simple and no need for costly lace templates.

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  1. Very nice layout! Thank you so much for joining and congratulations on your first challenge!




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