Monday, 12 July 2010

Sussex Sights

We've lived in Sussex now for over 16 years and visited very few of 'the tourist attractions'. Those in and around Brighton we have made the effort to see, but any further afield have been sadly neglected. As Hubby doesn't drive far and will not go away on holiday due to his OCD, I dragged him out for the day last Friday on a trip by train. Somehow I managed to choose the hottest day of the year to go to Arundel. It was a scorching 30 degrees, but we had a lovely day walking around the pretty town. Here's a few of the sights.....

The Cathedral

The Castle

The Castle Gardens

...The Hubby!

The views from the Castle Keep over Sussex were spectacular but unfortunately, despite taking two sets of batteries for my camera, I didn't get all the photos I would have liked. Me and technology at odds once again!
I've already decided where to go next time Hubby is amenable to a trip out. Chichester sounds like a good spot. Has anyone been and can recommend what we should see there? 
I'll be sure to charge the batteries this time!


  1. Oh Ann, thank for sharing your photos of Arundel, it looks wonderful and they are great photos! I have a caravan in Battle in Sussex, about an hour from Brighton and its a lovely part of the country. I'm off to see how long it will take us to get to Arundel from there! Tracey x

  2. It is strange that when you live some where you rarely see the sights but when on holiday its a different matter. the photos ..but I bet you were exausted xx

  3. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. I enjoyed them.

  4. Arundel is beautiful - I love that garden - did you see the little golden crown that floats on top of the jet of water? If you visit again, I can also recommend feeding the fish (can't remember what type they are, but they're big) - just along from the castle. Sounds weird, but it's strangely therapeutic!

    As for Chichester - definately visit the cathedral. It's lovely inside, and there's a fabulous story about when the tower collapsed years and years ago. I'm fascinated by things like that.

  5. I love posts like this. Wow it looks too beautiful. If there are sights like this to see I'd say I'd be out on every sunny day! I also seem to have camera issues every time I'm "on location" too, despite continually trying to be well-prepared.

  6. Great photographs and blog, it's a wonderful place and the most important Roman Catholic town and family in the country. The new garden in the castle is a revelation and that crown which Anne talks of is brilliant. They give open air Shakespeare productions in the summer and you can take picnics.



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