Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Red Flowers Do It For Me

I've had a busy day today but wanted to quickly capture these poppies in my garden in the evening light. They are very large blooms, but having waited a whole year for them, they only last a couple of days! Seems such a shame.

Fleeting in their beauty. Already they are fading from their best.

The edges of the petals are starting to change colour and take on a hint of gold.

The centres of the flowers are Nature's artwork.

Red flowers are my favourites: be they gladioli, roses, poppies, amaryllis or anything else you can think of.
My father knows that I love red flowers and he designed and made me this lovely glass picture a few years ago. It hangs in my bedroom so I that I can see it every day. 

It should be in the window to catch the light but I think it is gorgeous where it is.
It's very tactile due to the lead holding the pieces of glass together.

Natural or man-made, red flowers do it for me.


  1. Wow ..those are HUGE poppies ...beautifully photographed ...I love poppies ...we have a few wild yellow ones that have just appeared.

  2. Wow, that's an wonderful gift your Dad made for you. I love poppies too, especially the unexpected ones you sometimes see at the side of a busy road

  3. Have not heard anything from you for a few weeks ...just thought I would drop by. I expect you have been busy or on your holidays but I just wanted to let you know that you have been missed.xx

  4. What a beautiful gift your dad made for you - something you will always treasure - and wow those poppies are too beautiful! Amazing photographs!!

  5. Wow Ann - I just love those beautiful poppies in your garden. They so remind me of my wonderful Dad - we shared a love for poppies, hence me buying that lovely poppy pic from Wipso.

    The stained glass pic your dad made you is really special and such a keepsake. What a beautiful thing for him to have done for you.

    Paula x x x



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