Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Isn't it just the way? I was getting my stash out of the cupboards when I dropped my box of buttons. Unfortunately the plastic storage case didn't bounce! So now I have to find something to put them in, all muddled up too.
Anyway, here's my desk on a beautiful sunny Sunday. Why Sunday? I'll explain for new participants in this weekly madness organised by Soon-To-Be-WOYWW-Birthday-Girl. I work full time and have to put all my stash away after every craft session as Hubby has OCD, so I only get the craft table out at weekends.

One door is propped open with cushions, and the light is flooding in. Ideal for crafting.

No, I haven't been watching the TV. Hubby left the controls on the table in case I wanted to turn it on. But I've had a peaceful afternoon playing with a couple of scrapbook layouts, the only sounds were those coming through the open door, i.e. traffic, but I tend to not even hear that after a while. 
On my desk is my purple magnetic crafting mat from We-R-Memory-Keepers and the bits that go with it - a magnetic ruler, straight line cutter and circle cutter. There is a knife and blades that come with it too but they're not in sight. There's photos and cut papers and not a lot else. The rest of what I've been using is on the sofa .......including a whole load of homeless buttons.
Now there's an idea for a WOYWW One Year Anniversary Project. Hmmn.
Necessity being the Mother of Invention, and all that.


  1. Hi Ann

    I can just imagine the air when you dropped those buttons - however, I find sorting things out quite theraputic (believe it or not)... do you sort them into colours or sizes??? I put all mine in little spice jars from IKEA - good luck with sorting and storing!!!

    Paula x x x

  2. don't you just love a good creative session....looking at all your supplies makes me want to pull my stuff out off my shelves...and lay it all around me...

    that's inspiring!
    thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. Yup ... If I drop anything it always either the buttons or the bead box ...
    I covert your purple mat by the way ... was so tempted to help myself ... then realised you have probably put it away now and I would never find it!!!

  4. omg a DH with OCD and you're a crafter... must be tough!
    And your buttons! They must have been everywhere.
    I got my new plastic bowl super cheap. I liked it because it's colourful and just deep enough to see stuff and rifle through it easily.
    The cork board IS massive. It is the same width as the table that has a large printer and computer on it, to give you an idea. It holds A LOT of stickers...

  5. i love the mat {i have it too}...and i had a beads on the floor moment myself today!

  6. Hiya

    oooh that is always the way, arrrrgh I think I would have been having a little paddy lol. your desk looks lovely and creative


  7. It has to be tough having a husband with OCD, mind you I like everything tidy and in its place which is very difficult when you are a crafter. Tracy Evans x

  8. sounds like a plan to me a WOYWW button tub :)

  9. Sounds like a very calm and enjoyable day for you! Apart from the button bit! LOL. Leandra

  10. The air would have been blue ....royal blue ...if I had dropped a button box.

    LOVE the shoe LO on your previous postxx

  11. Love the layouts from what i can see.Hope you had good wednesday.Pop by to say hi , as have some candy going on from today for WOYWW.
    hugs judex

  12. oh no, dont you just hate it when you drop lots of tiny things.....hope you manage to get them sorted soon. What a lot of lovely light you have to craft in. The layouts, what can be seen of them, look lovely.


  13. Love your papers, shame you have to tidy up! lovely layout in the making! and the buttons?? yes, mine keep leaping to the floor too, I have a new jar for the nice ones! Have a happy day

  14. Aha, I detect the formation of a WOYWWAC button project!I'm the same - I put on a play or talking book and when it's gone quiet, I realise I haven't heard a word!

  15. Oh what a start you had. I did smile at your comment about hubbys OCD though, oh I dont think I could craft if mine was!

    Keryn ;0



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