Sunday, 2 May 2010

Thank you, Ladies

Lancing March 14th 2010

So much for my date with crafting today after a three-week wait! I've not been feeling well. I must have picked up a bug at work yesterday, but at least I've eaten something now and I hope it stays down.
Not being up to crafting I've been blog-hopping. Something I don't get to do often enough, and the afternoon has passed very quickly. The sheer variety of craft and the talent displayed by everyone I've visited amazes me! Where were all these people before they went online? I would never have 'met' them had I not joined  Blogger myself. All those people quietly enjoying their craft, but in their own way, changing what I do too. Thank you, Ladies.
Anyway, here's a few blogs for you to look up if you've a mind to ....
Create It Green encourages crafty recycling using various items. I particularly like the flowers used to decorate a paper bag.
Neat-N-Crafty shows a fun way to use a die-cut sheet. Wish I'd thought of that! 
GezzyB's Crafty Bits where you will find instructions to make the 'most outrageous cupcake' of them all!
and if you click on the Blog Candy photo in my sidebar, you could win at Crafty Goings On......
.. and hopefully,  I will have something of my own to post soon.


  1. I hope you are soon feeling better and up to a bit of crafting :) I'm constantly amazed by the number of wonderful blogs out there's so hard to imagine life without my online friends now!

  2. Lovely to see what you look like, hope you feel better soon.

  3. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been well - I hope the improvement continues. Thanks for dropping by my blog :-)

  4. what a nice photo of you ...that length of hair really suits you. Sorry to hear you have been unwell ...hope you are on the road to recovery.

    I agree that the net had brought like minded folk together and we can share others talents and are inpired by each other. Some times I have to remind myself that I have never met any of these ladies and yet really enjoy having a peek into their lives... that are played out, even as far a way as the other side of the world. I feel I have friends whom I can share lifes ups and downs with too. I hope you feel we are friends too ...I do.

  5. I am also amazed at how much talent is out there and I'm so glad for the internet that I'm able to get so much inspiration!

  6. Yes I love the way the internet pulls together like minded folk. Hope you feel well soon!

  7. Hi Ann Thank You so very much for your very kind comments. I'm just catching up with my emails now. Sorry it's taken me so long to call. Life gets a bit hectic at times doesn't it! I do hope you are feeling much better now. You have a beautiful blog. I will become a follower so I don't miss any of your wonderful creations. Take care. Love Gez.xx



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