Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I really don't know what's happened this week. I seem to have taken almost everything out of the cupboards to craft with in the Lounge. The resulting mess is shameful, even for me!
But I know a few people who will relish nosing around. People who cannot wait to see the destruction on my workdesk. They include Empress Julia who masterminds this weekly display. Hop over to her place to join in and be nosey too.

Here then is this week's photo. My desk has so much stuff on it I cannot find anything I'm looking for! I can at least see my box of punches and the new ones from Martha Stewart. And you can see from the photo that the mess overflows onto the floor. Just to show you how untidy I've been, here's a bird's eye shot of the stash on the floor.....

.... and the sofa too is covered with more boxes.
Sadly, there's not a lot to show for all this mess. Maybe that's why there's more stuff in the Lounge than usual, I can't decide exactly what to do! Indecision reigns today.
Well, now that I've finished crafting it serves me right to be so untidy. I will have to pack up early as it will take at least half an hour to put it all back in the cupboards again!
As neatly as possible, of course.


  1. Wow. It looks like there has been some pretty impressive crafting gone on there :-)
    A x

  2. Oh I'm just the same, the more inspiration I seek, the more stuff I need to get out to consider using! Love the collection of ink pads - in the desk photo, just next to the Stazon ink pad, there's a bracket that a die or a stamp?

  3. Wow. It must be the crafting nightmare that we all face. Thats why I never join in just to embaressed but now glad that I am not on my own. LOL. Can't wait to see what you made in the chaos xx

  4. Mine is a mess that never seems to get sorted at the moment.When you a moment do pop by as there is something for you on my blog.xx

  5. I always end up with stuff on the floor - no matter how hard I try not to haha.

  6. I think your "mess" just proves how busy you are! Hugs Pam

  7. I spend more time deciding than actually making, and spend even more time blogging that deciding - vicious cycle!

    Paula x x x

  8. I have to get everything out too ... why put it away ... you gonna have to get it all out again tomorrow :0)

  9. We all have days like this though, it seems for me the more things I bring out to consider, the more muddled and indecisive I become. But you're right, we got to have a great nose around this week!


  10. In reply to Julia's question, oh wonderful Queeen of WOYWW, I think you're looking at a stamp which is a journaling frame. Also with this stamp are a couple of smaller ones - a tiny flower (on the acryllic stamping block) and a phrase that says 'always smile'.
    This thing you've started just grows and grows, Julia. It's lovely to have everyone's comments and I enjoy nosing at everyone's workdesks too!

  11. Mine can overflow all over the bedroom and our bed if I need stuff from all over or am searching for inspiriation



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