Sunday, 28 February 2010

Common Ground

If you live in a household with only one male, you'll know where I'm coming from when I say, Hubby's feeling lonely. He's never had a son to play football with, although the girls would kick a ball around with him when they were younger. He's never had to watch football practice in the pouring rain or had a kindred male to watch sports on TV with. Not that he has ever complained. He loves his daughters to bits!
But since the girls have left home he has no-one to meet from school, ferry around in the car, wind-up constantly or tease about their outfits. The girls never were much into football or rugby, neither were they particularly keen to sit and watch gymnastics or the Winter Olympics, but they obliged to keep Hubby happy.

Now he has only me to tell how well or badly his favourite team, The Arsenal, are doing. I'm the one who hears who's injured and out of the match, how near to relegation Brighton are this season, and his commentaries on the Six Nations Rugby, most of it going in one ear and out the other!
I do feel sorry for him and try to appear interested and knowledgeable, but I draw the line at standing for the teams' National Anthems when I'm crafting in the Lounge!
So, when I came across an old photo this week I knew just what I wanted to say on the layout.

The photo is of Hubby and our eldest daughter, taken in 1993 when he was dressed to take part in the London Marathon. Jenni is looking a bit scared and unsure of him as he's wearing a brightly-coloured clown suit and white make-up.

I used My Mind's Eye and K&Co papers, MarthaStewart punches and Prima flowers to make the layout. The journaling tells why Hubby's wearing the costume and how Jenni (in 1993) doesn't know yet that she too will take up running and join a running club.
They do have common ground after all.


  1. I can sympathesise with him about feeling rather lonely at times. My 2 daughters have left home now and have left me in a man's world with my hubby and son [football mad pair they are]. Think it just makes me appreciate them all the more when they come home to visit [which thankfully they do often :-) ].
    Really love your layout. Happy memories eh?
    A x

  2. Oh your journalling gave me shivers Ann. What a gorgeous page to do and what a sentiment to record. It's lovely.

  3. How did I miss this LO didnt come up on my list what you did with the punches.



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