Saturday, 10 October 2009

New Shoes

Did that get your attention - New Shoes?
I know most women LOVE buying shoes and cannot get enough. But I'm not one of them. I've never had more that four pairs of shoes at once in my life! One pair for summer, a pair of winter boots, a black pair for 'dressy' occasions and a pair for work.
Today's shopping expedition was for work shoes. I wear work shoes until they fall apart  and the ones I had were hurting my feet. Reluctantly therefore I had to replace them.
I like Clarks shoes for work as they last me years and years (saving me the angst of looking for more) and I usually buy in the Sales. I nearly fainted when I heard the price today! These had better last until I retire!
I have nothing against shoes you understand - I just hate The Buying Ritual. There's the trial of finding a style I like, then asking a bored-looking shop assistant to see if they have my size. There's the compulsory parade up and down the shop, lifting  my trousers to see how they look, while other shoppers' husbands watch the whole process with far-away expressions on their faces! Unfortunately I have short legs and thick ankles and no shoes ever made them appear otherwise. Shoes are just a necessity to me.
I wonder if I'm alone in this attitude. Are you a shoe lover with a pair in every colour and heel height? Or is shoe-shopping a necessary evil? Who hasn't ever chosen a pair in the shop then regretted buying them once you got them home?


  1. I am a shoe hater and I can beat you ...since retiring I own a pair of slippers (indoor) a good pair of trainers (out door), that will last 1year + or til they fall apart. ...a pair of smart but comfy boots ( or smart going out), as I always wear trousers!!!
    I hate shoes because I have difficult shaped feet and one in the whole of a shop might fit perfectly so I used to suffer pain and blisters until they were broken in which took ages. Even my trainers I have to give to daughter to wear a couple of times (shes a size bigger)before I can wear them lol How I envy those that can slip any shoe on and it fits comfortably ...maybe I dont as I would spend more.

    Your desk looks as though you are working hard least your mat is clear ... not sure how I missed it on WOYWW should have shown up on my list I follow ...but it didn't.

  2. Nope I'm with you on the shoes. At the moment I have 2 pairs that I wear - my slip-ons which I have lost one of so really... I can't even wear those at the moment and I do love them. And my Vans - whci I won so didn't have to go through the shoe buying process with those. I do own a pair of boots but they are a bit big on me and am going to have to go and get some soon as the Vans, being canvas, have been a bit rubbish in all this rain.

    I hate buying shoes, I think it's because I have such big feet(9)for years I had to just buy mens shoes. Now more girls shoes in that size are coming out but it's late - I hate shoe shopping now. Even with the kids I put it off as long as I can till they look like they belong in the cast of Oliver before I say 'ohhh ALRIGHT THEN!'

  3. Shoes? Meh! I just can't get even remotely excited about shoes or shopping for them. I wear cheap white plimsolls in the summer and flat knee length boots in the winter ... and can count the number of times I've ever worn high heels on the fingers of both hands. It's not that I don't like high heels to look at - I simply can't walk in them! Two steps in a pair of heels and I put my back out and have to lie down for a week.

    Handbags however are a completely different matter! I can get really excited about shopping for handbags .... :D

  4. Yes I'm with you but only in the last year, I used to work in a shoe shop and loved the variety and had usually spent my wages before I'd earned them.
    Now I have arthritis in my knee and can't wear heels so now struggle to find something smart and good looking, did get a pair yesterday that will fit the bill and I can now stop wearing my Birkenstocks. I do feel a little silly in turquoise open sandals in October when it's tipping it down.


  5. I'm the same..they're a pain. I have ridiculously wide feet and the high street does not cater at all, which adds to the total nuisance value I can tell you.

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments Ladies. I really thought there would be some died-in-the-wool shoe-lovers amongst you! I'm surprised you all hate shoe-buying too. Between us we could bring down the whole shoe industry ;)

  7. Love the new shoes Ann but wheres the desk !! lol
    I just noticed you are in Brighton, I was bought up in that area sompting near lancing and enjoyed many lovely days on the beach in brighton, my family are from Windsor and they have moved back up there now but I love to be near the sea and couldn't think of being inland, I live just 2 mins from the seafront in Gosport Hampshire now and I love it.
    Well hope to see your desk and have a rumage again next week
    Keep warm love Susie xx



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