Sunday, 13 September 2009

Stitching in Triplicate!

The kit and its contents
I've been stitching this weekend and it's a very long time since I did any of that. I used to enjoy cross-stitching and embroidery but found it took a long time to see results! On Friday I received my order from 'Paper And String' of a felt brooch kit. There are many colour choices and I chose this one with cool blues and greens. The kit contains the pre-cut pieces for three small and two large brooches which you just have to sew and decorate any way you want to. Seed beads are included, but once I started I decided to use pearl beads as well. It wasn't planned, but I suddenly thought that I could give one to each of my daughters for them to take to University as a reminder of home and I could have the third one.
A brooch in progress
It took a while searching my three boxes (yes, three!) of embroidery threads to choose the right colours  for the felt. I do like felt. Do you? Something about it brings back childhood memories - I had a fuzzy felt farmyard when I was about 4 years old, with all the animals, fences and farm buildings to play with! 
Also I had forgotten how relaxing hand-sewing can be. As I stitched and made each brooch with a different design, it became obvious which brooch would suit each person. Karen often wears grey so hers was pink and grey, Jenni wears lots of blue and green (her favourite colour is purple but I didn't have that option!) so hers has tiny seed beads in those colours, and I have the large pearl beads on mine.
The girls are pleased with their homemade and unique gifts and will definitely wear them, so my rare efforts at sewing were worthwhile.
Jenni trying hard not to laugh as I took close-up photos of her chest!


  1. They are so pretty. Definitely unique and no one else is going to have one. See this is why homemade gifts are always my favourite :)

  2. These look fun ... but I can see you making something similar as an embelishment for a LO ... they would be sp individual

  3. wow!
    thank you for sharing the link, they are FAB :-)
    I don't often get to see the end results of kits I have sent out and I wish I did, these are fantastic :-)
    sarah x



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