Thursday, 27 August 2009

Weather Effect On Shopping

Empty Deckchairs, Brighton - Summer 2009

Go on admit it! The weather's been awful this summer and you've not been going to the High Street to spend your hard-earned money. Me too. And everyone else. A headline from BBC online caught my eye - 'Weather Effect On Shopping'.  Apparently the dismal weather this summer has had an effect on sales of beer (barbeques cancelled) and clothing (less summer clothes sold). It got me thinking about my own shopping habits.
I may be going against the whole female population here but.....I hate shopping! The more crowds, the more I hate it! The nearer to Christmas it gets, the more I refuse to go. Instead I am happy to surf the web for hours at a time looking for what I need (or what I want in the case of craft supplies!). I do my banking and food shopping online, and it's online that I research the cheapest price for anything I need, even if I then have to go to town to buy it.
My other half is the complete opposite and probably goes against the whole male population! He loves crowds, maybe because he's from London and his first job was on a market stall (selling tins with no labels). He gleefully elbows his way through the throng - the busier the better! But then he has little choice if he wants to buy something because he's never touched a computer in his life! Wouldn't know where to start. Not interested in learning.
I have been spending less this summer, more to save money than because of the weather. I guess I'm not alone in that. My sister has asked that we don't exchange presents for birthdays and Christmas to save money and I'm very happy to agree. I find present shopping another hateful aspect of shopping I can do without!

I think I must be from Mars because every woman loves shopping doesn't she?

It's supposedly ingrained in our DNA.
Even if it's just window shopping as Karen's street-photos prove.
   But the guy walking past without even looking? That's definitely not my husband.


  1. Great post ... the only shopping I enjoy is Food and crafts ..which 90% is now done on line.

    I love your use of velum on the previous LO's

  2. No you are not alone. I'm the same. The internet has been a huuuuuge help. I'm not a huge clothes buyer anyway but to have to elbow your way through the crowds, queue for a changing room that's way to hot, come out all hot and dishevelled? No thanks. Order online, try on at home and send back if neccessary :P

    The only place, ONLY place I brave the crowds happily is the Alexandra Palace craft show twice a year. Because it's so nice to be able to see stuff in real life. My middle daughter is the same, she hates shopping and if she knows we are going asks if she can go and be babysat around my sisters but my eldest is a full on girl and would go in every shop, try on every piece of clothing if she could :P

  3. No you aren't alone. My shopping habits have totally changed, although I buy craft stuff locally (I have the lucury of living 2 miles from a FAB shop!). Everything else is done on a need basis and I don't enjoy it. Perversely though, I resent the online time it takes too!

  4. Interesting post. I'm blog-hopping from Angie's, btw. I can resist clothes, shoes, handbags, but not books. Therein lies my downfall. Oh and wool, and perhaps quilt material. And when I had my horses, I was a devil for temptation in a saddlers' shop . . . And did I mention Car Boot Sales and Fleamarkets?



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