Sunday, 2 August 2009

Reluctant model

It all started with a school photography competition three years ago!

Karen, my younger daughter, was keen to enter and persuaded her sister, Jenni, to be her model. Karen's photo of her sister won first prize and Jenni's fate was sealed from then on. Over the past two years she's been a very reluctant  model for Karen who has been studying Photography at college.
During this time I have taken some of Karen's photos and made scrapbook pages with them. She likes to do portraits but the course demanded she do various styles like horror, fashion, self-portraits and fantasy. The photos above show a 'fashion magazine' photographic style with a different photo and journaling on each torn page. Jenni is quite photogenic I think despite her lack of enthusiasm for the job!
For the double-page layout below, I used Karen's standard self-portraits and then her fantasy portraits  to demonstrate her creativity. If you didn't realise, that's her wearing wigs for the right-hand page photos!

I'm a proud Mum and think Karen has talent but, sadly, she has decided not to take Photography at University.

This concerns me, why?.......because I won't have her photos to scrap any more!


  1. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful, you must be very proud of them both. I love how the layout opens to reveal more pictures.

    Mel x

  2. This is gorgeous, your daughter is so talented I can't believe she isn't taking it further! I love the one where she has blue hair - the make-up is fantastic. Your other daughter is a fantastic model even if she is reluctant! :P



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