Friday, 31 July 2009


Having just made some order out of my scrapbook pages it is very clear that there has been an Evolution over time in my scrapbook style. I guess most people are the same, in that their style changes without them noticing they even have a style, which has happened in my case.
I started with very simple pages incorporating the photos, an embellishment or two, no title, and no journalling (that was too scary to contemplate at the time!). Looking back at those pages I am not happy with the way they look. Should I change them and make them more stylish and informative? No, I will leave them as they are. I can always write 'who, what, where' on the back if I want to at a later date.

Then I ventured into scraplifting other people's ideas and techniques - just experimenting really- and included small amounts of journaling which was always hidden from view. No-one likes their own handwriting do they? Also I started to add a title to each page.
Finally, after 4 years of scrapping, I realise that I include quite a lot of journalling to put the photos into context and tell the story. Embellishments are less important to me now, but I do still like to use different techniques on pages. I know that I am a stamper at heart and often stamp or emboss to add interest or texture. I don't feature very often in the photos but I try to make the effort to tell my story too with the occasional appearance. And of course, there's a preponderance of blue in all my albums!

Scrapbooking is still fun for me after all this time and that's what counts!

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  1. I love your scrapbooking ideas - they look fresh and inviting. I love the page of the beach huts with journaling in between. I like the way you write too.



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